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Creative Collaboration For Impactful Copy


I help purpose-led entrepreneurs like you communicate their message and value to the people who need their work the most. 

This could mean support with your content, web copy, nonfiction book projects, or simple “coffee dates” to clarify your message for yourself so you can express it clearly to everyone else.

It’s all there in your head (and maybe scribbled on cafe napkins and journal pages). Through my unique process of Creative Collaboration, I draw that great stuff out of you and turn it into sparkling copy written in your voice so it resonates deeply with your audience.

Prefer to do your own writing? No problem! I can also organize your thoughts into detailed, coherent notes so you can tackle your writing projects with confidence.

Your business isn’t just a passion project. It’s your purpose. 


Let’s craft your message together.


Specialty Packages


Premium Web Copy Package

Home Page + About Page + Service/Sales Page + Contact Page = $1,300

Add on: 3 blog posts for launch = +$400 

*Includes 2 rounds of edits


Blogging Packages (3 month retainer)

1 post (up to 1,000 words) per month = $150 per month 

2 posts (up to 1,000 words) per month = $280 per month 

4 posts (up to 1,000 words) per month = $500 per month 

*All packages include 1 round of edits for each piece


Email newsletter packages (3 month retainer)

1 newsletter (up to 500 words) per month – $80

2 newsletters (up to 500 words) per month – $150

Weekly newsletters (up to 500 words) – $300

*All packages include 1 round of edits for each piece


Premium Monthly Content Marketing Packages (3 month retainer)

1 blog post + 1 newsletter = $220

2 blog posts + 1 newsletter = $415 

Weekly blog post + 1 newsletter = $750

*All packages include 1 round of edits for each piece


Content Consulting “Coffee Date” 

This is for you if you need to chat to clarify your ideas and get my feedback and insights, but prefer to do the actual writing yourself. 

We will talk through a piece of content or two and gain clarity there, and I will send you detailed notes, already organized into a logical flow. All you have to do is flesh it out!

30 minute meeting/1 piece of content – $50

60 minute coffee date/2 pieces of content – $95


Your needs and business are unique, and I can create a custom package just for you! Here’s a look at my à la carte menu for an idea of what a custom package may look like for you.


Á la carte pricing:

Articles up to 1,000 words – $150 (1 per month) or  $500 (4 per month) 

Emails up to 500 words – $80 

Web pages up to 500 words – $350 with 2 revisions 

Web pages up to 1,000 words – $500 with 2 revisions 

Sales pages – $500 with 2 revisions

Don’t see what you want? Just ask! 


Ready to get started? Send me a message and tell me what you’re looking for. Let’s do this!


How does Creative Collaboration work?

It depends on what works best for YOU.

The first step is to get your thoughts out.

Some people prefer to do this verbally over Zoom while others like to do a written “brain dump” where they write down their thoughts, stream-of-consciousness, and filter-free. Some people even prefer a combination of the two!

I then take those meeting notes or your written brain dump and find the threads that link your ideas, the passionate statements that strike a deep chord, the profound bits that jump off the page. 

Then I organize those ideas and flesh them out into blog posts, web copy, emails, or even non-fiction books. 

All written in your voice, because they are YOUR ideas, after all. Your wording. Your passion. I just arrange those ideas to flow in text, fill in the gaps, and help you find the words when they’re right THERE but you can’t quite reach them.

This process works. Many of my clients have been with me for years, and I’m their go-to girl for most of their business writing because they don’t have to bring another writer up to speed for each new project. 

The best part is, the longer we work together, the more I learn about you, your business, and your voice, and the more effectively I can write for you. This is a relationship that gets better and better!


Here’s what clients are saying: 



The best parts about working with McKella are her ideas and creative ways to solve content challenges.

We’ve been able to create powerful content within a short amount of time, which has helped the search engine optimization for our website and given us more traffic!

McKella has a great attitude, quality writing skills, and quick turnaround time. She’s highly responsive and efficient. I highly recommended her!


-Claire Akin,



I’m so blown away with all the work McKella has done for me. It’s so nice to have someone I trust and value on this journey. She’s saved me from hours of painful editing and made my life so much better, seriously!

I’m super pumped to have her on board. Each time I read something new from her, I love it even more! She is crazy talented!


-Dawn Bradley ,



I’m not spending hours on end writing and editing my blog posts. McKella will either start a blog post for me using my ideas or will look over what I write and make it better.

I know how important blogging is to online businesses and thanks to McKella I’m not wasting my time on something that’s not my zone of genius. She also formats, SEO’s and publishes my blog posts AND makes blog graphics. Oh and she’s super quick!

-B. in Florida


McKella is a great writer and provides a lot of value.

I loved how easy the whole process was and how right from the beginning, McKella laid out how everything would go.

Having a timeline was very helpful. My favorite thing was that she was open to any and all topics, even ones she didn’t know much about. I appreciated the extra research she did!

I enjoyed working with you, McKella!

Lisa P.


Working with McKella is so easy! Since bringing her on, I’ve seen increased visits to my my website and more Facebook traffic.

If you dislike writing blogs and it feels like drudgery, take your time back! Focus on what you love to do and let McKella work her magic.

-Courtney Brown,



McKella is a dedicated colleague with a passionate love for writing and editing. It’s a love that she carries throughout all her work.

Through her creativity and ability to craft the written word, she holds herself to a high-standard in every piece she does. As long as I’ve known her, whether it’s a small blog post or a large project, McKella’s work results in innovative, colorful, and professional work.

-J. Kowallis, author of The Enertia Trials series


McKella’s strengths are the perfect addition to our team. She keeps things moving forward consistently and dependably when my brain is flittering off in a million directions.

McKella essentially produced Else Magazine. If it weren’t for her, this magazine would still be a cool ‘idea’ but now it is a tangible real life thing, because she took the ball and ran with it.

You can always rely on the consistency and care McKella puts into every project. Not only that, she’s just an awesome human, and wonderful to work with!


-Anne Perry,



I know that I can put my trust in McKella and that she’ll help to hold me accountable to finishing my projects.

Hire her to help you get your endless to-do list done!


-Anna Long-Stokes, The Portland Girl



McKella is a very reliable, capable and supportive collaborator in my business. She’s incredibly supportive and an awesome problem solver! She’s super reliable and I appreciate how she took my project on and created a product that I love! The blog posts she formatted continue to bring clients into my practice. People often comment on how beautiful the graphics are!


-Melinda Laus, Courageous Mourning


My favorite thing about McKella is her openness to ideas and her ability to build on them. Since working with McKella, I’ve had more consistency in publishing content and I’ve gotten my operations documents in SOPs. Definitely set up a meeting to find out how McKella can help you create content, develop sales pages and stay consistent!


Teresa Cleveland, The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox


Ready to chat? Drop me a line to ask a question or set up a meeting!