3 Reasons Why You DON’T Have to Write Your Own Copy

3 Reasons Why You DON’T Have to Write Your Own Copy - The Cafe Wordsmith


So…I feel a little silly.

Mostly because I didn’t realize this myth was still so prevalent in my industry. 

What myth, you ask?

The myth that you, as the business owner and face of your business, have to write your own copy, or else you’re a fraud.

I recently talked to a fellow business owner who gave me a little more insight into this myth. She told me, “I worry that people will think I’m fake if they find out that someone else writes my content. Doesn’t that mean I’m a fraud? And if someone else writes my content, it won’t even sound like me, right?”

My answer: Big fat NOPE.

It comes down to this: You should only write your own copy if you love it, you’re awesome at it, and you know it’s a good investment of your time. 

Reality check: It’s completely accepted in the world of business to hire someone to write your copy and content for you.

A lot of successful business owners prioritize writing their own content and opt to outsource almost everything else in their business. Why? Because they enjoy it and it’s one of their strengths.

But a lot of business owners outsource their content and copywriting so they can focus on what they’re REALLY good at in their business.

This translates to more fun for them and more money in the bank because they’re prioritizing the tasks that allow them to work with more clients and bring in revenue. 

There are tons of coaches, OBMs, educators, shop owners, etc. out there who are the face and voice of their business but do not write their own content or copy, even though everything on their site is written from their point of view. (This is where writers like me come in!)

But if writing content takes you forever, you don’t enjoy it, or if it’s not really landing with your audience, it’s time to outsource. There are way better things you can do with your time than drive yourself crazy writing content that isn’t working.

Still not convinced? Here are 3 big reasons why outsourcing your copy is a great idea and does NOT make you fake.


3 Reasons Why You Don’t Have to Write Your Own Copy 


Reason #1: You are not outsourcing the ideas. You’re just outsourcing the writing. 

And those are NOT the same thing.

You’re just outsourcing the work of putting your own ideas into words and organizing those ideas in a way that makes sense. So much of writing is organizing, and that’s work you just don’t have to do when you hire a copywriter.

How is that possible, though?

Every copywriter has a different client process, but here’s how mine works: I have a Zoom meeting or phone call to talk through ideas with my client, or my client writes what I call a “brain dump,” which is a page or so of stream-of-conscious ideas for a piece of content. This usually takes less than 10 minutes to write. 

I take that brain dump or meeting notes and arrange the ideas into a logical flow, then flesh out the ideas, fill any gaps, and ask my client additional questions to make sure I’m understanding what they want to communicate.

I then send my client a completed draft of the content so they can make notes and give feedback for me to implement.

It’s that easy! The time commitment for my client is minimal, but their ideas still make it onto the page in a form that resonates with their audience and ultimately, grows their business.

I call this process Creative Collaboration, which, in my opinion, is the best way to write impactful content.

In a good business owner/copywriter relationship, you work together on the ideas and the revisions, but your copywriter will do most of the legwork so you don’t have to. You’re just giving them your ideas, your brain dumps, and making notes and adjustments where it makes sense.


Reason #2: A skilled copywriter will pick up on your voice. (Often, even better than you can.)

A good copywriter will be able to pick up on your individual voice and your brand voice and write to sound just like you.

Think about it: As business owners and creators, we’re so close to our own work and our own voice that sometimes, WE don’t even know how to write to sound like us.

Have you ever tried to write a blog post about something you really cared about, but realized it didn’t even sound like you?

Super duper frustrating. Also VERY common.

 When I talk with clients, I’ll notice little things about their voices and come up with a list of adjectives (as well as things to avoid) to guide me as I’m writing for them. In fact, if you can come up with these descriptors yourself, share them with your copywriter!

Often, it’s the little details and quirks in our voice that make all the difference in our writing. Our expressions, tone, and word choice can be a lot more obvious to someone else, especially if they know what to look for.


Reason #3: You are always in the driver’s seat

A lot of business owners fear losing control over different aspects of their business, and when it’s something as front-facing as copy, they can get really nervous about handing it off to someone else. 

What if you’re forced to start publishing second-rate content? What if your content starts to suck and your business suffers as a direct result?

Remember, you are in charge. Nothing has to get published without you okaying it first.

You will always have control over what gets published and what goes out. You can also veto anything that doesn’t feel right, make suggestions for your copywriter, and speak up about what’s not working. A good copywriter will take those notes and make your copy better or refer you to someone who may be a better fit.

Ideally, you’ll develop a strong, trusting relationship with your copywriter and feel confident in their ability to represent you well on the page. 

But you are ALWAYS in charge of what gets published with your name on it.

Think Collaboration

At its best, copywriting is collaborative. It definitely is in my business. When you get in that collaborative groove, you get amazing content that resonates with you AND your audience while focusing on the parts of your business you really love and that allow you to make more money.

That’s the sweet spot, my friend!

Ready to collaborate? Here’s how I can help.