4 Easy Strategies for Generating Content Ideas

4 Easy Strategies for Generating Content Ideas - The Cafe Wordsmith

One of the most common blogging questions I hear from business owners is “How do I get content ideas? I don’t know what to write about!” 

This is one of my favorite topics!

I’ve written about this before, but I wanted to share a few more quick tips for generating ideas for blog content. 

The best part is, these are tips for creating content your audience WANTS so you aren’t blogging just to blog (because that’s a big fat waste of time). 

So here ya go: 4 deceptively simple strategies for creating a TON of content. 


4 Easy Strategies for Generating Content Ideas


What does your audience respond to? 

Check your analytics regularly to see which posts get the most traffic, shares, and comments and write more on those topics, because they’re clearly getting some traction! 

Pay attention to what your social media followers respond to as well. 

If you don’t really have an audience yet, that’s okay. Think about the kind of person you want to reach and ask yourself what questions they might have about whatever you help people with. Then write about those topics! 


Try monthly themes

A lot of my clients like this strategy. This is a great way to get unstuck if you have no idea what to write, but be flexible. If you’re inspired to write a post that has nothing to do with your theme that month, go for it! The theme is just to get you started. 

For example, one of my clients is an online business manager, and one summer I wrote her a series of posts about how and why to take vacations as an entrepreneur to publish on her blog. Hiring a business manager is a big part of that “how”, so it worked well for her strategy!

Personally, I rarely use themes because I get a lot of random ideas I’m excited about that don’t always fit a theme. I also like to plan my strategy around specific goals. 

If themes fit into your content strategy and help you get ideas, go for it! 

Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and simply come up with 12 topics, one for each month for the next year. Get inspired by the seasons, holidays, and topics that tend to be relevant in certain months. 

Then you can break down those topics for blog posts. Ta-da! You just planned a year’s worth of content in less time than an episode of Friends

Do SEO research

Find out which topics and keywords people are typing into Google, and write about those topics. Simply go to Google and type your general topic in the search bar.

The autofill feature will bring up some terms people have actually searched! You can also click one of those and then scroll down to the related searches section for more ideas. 


Answer reader questions

If your readers or social media followers ask you questions, answer them in a blog post! 

You can also ask your audience if they have questions for you in your emails, on social media, in your blog posts, or even in person! 

What does your audience want to know about your topic? What questions do they have about working with you or buying a product? If you don’t have an audience yet, what questions might your ideal reader have?


See? Simple! 

If you run into the “I don’t know what to write” issue a lot, I encourage you to check out my ebook, Caffeinate Your Content: The Newbie’s Guide to Blogging For Business. 



This is EVERYTHING I wish I’d known about content marketing when I’d gotten started, but you can learn it in a couple days instead of 4 years! 

And the best part is, it costs less than takeout for two. Check it out!